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Dear Parents,

We are currently looking for volunteers to help out on Friday nights. Kings Langley Little Athletics is a non for profit organization and everybody who is currently on the committee or an age manger are volunteers. No one on the committee or age manger gets paid for the work they do on Friday nights or during the week and behind the scenes.

We all volunteer for the centre to help out our children, 99% of our committee and age mangers have children in the centre. We all volunteer to keep our centre running for our children.

The jobs that we are seeking help for are not hard jobs. They are quiet easy jobs that happen every Friday night.

I know there are a lot of new families to our centre this season and many of you may not understand what it takes to make each and every Friday night possible, or what you can do to help, so I am going to give you a brief description of the jobs we need help with on Friday nights.

  • BBQ – help cook the bbq and run it throughout the night and serve customers there food
  • Setup – Help set up the high jump mats, long jump pits, shot put, discuss cage and the field. The equipment officer and grounds person will tell you where everything goes. It’s an easy job that can be done by anyone and everyone even athletes.
  • Pack up –The same as the setup but in reverse. Bring all the equipment back to the shed so it can be put away and accounted for every Friday night.
  • Computer data entry- this is just adding the numbers to the times on the record software we use. If you are computer literate and good with numbers this is an easy job to do.
  • Starter- being in control of the race and making sure every athlete has an equal start to the race
  • Age Manager- taking the age group around to the events and recording results and ensuring that all rules are adhered to.
  • Track Marshall- keeping the tracks moving and coordinating with the starter.

If you feel that volunteering is something that you would like to be more involved in within our centre just ask a committee member and we can help you out. We are always looking for new people to get involved. It doesn’t require previous experience, most of what we do is common sense and we do follow the association rules which are located on the website.

For those of you that are interested or enjoy little athletics and want to know more about the rules and officiating, we are always looking for new people to become officials on all events of athletics. Becoming an official is easy. You need to read and understand the rules of the event that you would like to become an official in and do a theory exam online and if you pass you become an official. If you enjoy being an official (as I do) I recommend becoming an official to anyone.

If you feel that you can help out with the running of Friday night. Contact one of the committee and we can get you trained up. Who knows, you may make some new friends and enjoy yourself doing so.

If you can help us out with volunteering on some of these even if it is half an hour or an hour, it would be greatly appreciated by all especially your children.


Craig Emme

KLLAC President



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