The mission of Kings Langley Little Athletics Centre is for the Centre and athletes, supported by parents, to work together to provide for the growth of each individual by building mutual respect, encouragement and responsibility within a secure and supportive sporting environment. Each and every member of the Kings Langley Little Athletics Centre’s community shares the collective responsibility to ensure all members feel they are safe, supported and valued members of the Centre at all times.

Bullying in any form will not be tolerated.

Aims Of Policy

  • To provide a safe, secure sporting Centre environment for all.
  • To create a supportive climate and break the code of secrecy.
  • To raise awareness of the issues involved with bullying and provide information to Athletes and
  • To support and empower targeted members.
  • To implement procedures to address bullying behaviour


Bullying is the misuse of power, position or privilege. It is done to intimidate, coerce, create fear,
control, embarrass, exclude, or cause pain or discomfort.
It may be:

  • Verbal, physical, social, or psychological.
  • Planned or unintentional.
  • Individual or group actions.
  • Of an isolated or continual nature.

Recommended Action If You Are Bullied

1. You may try to deal with it yourself – but don’t feel you have to, you will be supported

  • Stay calm.
  • Ignore it (use self talk and remember often those who bully are disguising their own problems) walk
  • Identify a network of trusted adults or peers you can talk to seek support from your network – it is good to let someone know what is happening.

If this does not stop the bullying, KEEP REPORTING IT!

2. You may choose to confront the person

  • Speak to them one-to-one and ask why they are behaving like this. Kings Langley Little Athletic Centre – ( Anti‐Bullying Policy)    2009
  • Take a support person e.g. a friend, a committee member, or an older athlete.
  • Stand up for yourself – let them know how it makes you feel.
  • Tell them you don’t like what they are doing and you want it to stop.
  • Tell them they are breaking Centre rules that the Centre will enforce.

If this does not stop the bullying, KEEP REPORTING IT!

3. You may seek help – you will be supported

  • Go to a Centre Official age manager, parent, another adult or Centre Captain
  • Tell the adult everything.
  • Decide with the adult and Centre Official on an action plan.

Keep on telling until the bullying stops!

Consequences For Those Who Bully

Athletes found to be bullying Centre mates, or members of other centres, face a range of consequences from a formal interview at a committee meeting to losing their place on representative teams or being removed from the Centre. All incidents will be placed on record in the Centre and NSWLAA Bullying Register.

Any retaliation by athletes, or their parents, against someone who reports bullying will be dealt with very seriously. Consequences include:

  • Recording on the Bullying Registers, held by the Centre President and LAANSW.
  • Formal interview with athlete, parents and KLLAC Committee.
  • Loss of points towards Centre Point score.
  • Exclusion from representative teams.
  • Restitution for any damage to property or personal possessions.
  • Suspension (for serious offences or persistent inappropriate behaviour.)
  • Exclusion (for aggravated or persistent bullying.)
  • Parents will ALWAYS be notified of child’s bullying.

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