Check the table below to check the Registration Ages for 2016/2017 season.

JANToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
FEBToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
MARToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
APRToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
MAYToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
JUNToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
JULToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
AUGToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
SEPToo Old17171514131211109876TotsTots
OCT17171514131211109876TotsTotsToo Young
NOV17171514131211109876TotsTotsToo Young
DEC17171514131211109876TotsTotsToo Young

NOTE: Children between the ages of three and four born after September 2011 and before October 2013 may register with a center. They will be in the Tiny Tots division and will participate in play training activities. Children born between September 1999 and October 2001 will be in the U17 age group.

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