Where can I register?

Online registration is provided by LANSW, follow the links for re-registration, new registration and family registration.  You can access the this website from 1 August 2017.

What are the registration fees to join?

For the 2017/18 Season, our fees are:

  • Family of one (1) $110
  • Family of two (2) $220
  • Family of three (3) $300
  • Family of four (4) $400
  • Family of five (5) $500
  • Family of six (6) $600
  • Tiny Tots – $90.00 each – not included in Family prices
  • Trialist (2 weeks) $30.00 – refundable upon full registration

What does my registration fee include?

The registration fee includes entry to all competitions that the Centre enters, for example; Zone, Region, and State Championships.  In addition, LANSW association fees, State Representative merchandise as provided by the Centre.

Who can participate in Little Athletics?

Children between the ages of 4 and 17 years can register. Parents, grandparents and friends can also be involved by helping with the various events.

Can my child try Little Athletics before joining?

Yes, Kings Langley Little A’s allows new families a 2 week trial period for a nominal fee.  Trial weeks must be consecutive and must be completed in September.

What age will my child compete in?

Click HERE to find out the age group for your child.

What events do children compete in?

Our program runs over three weeks and the program can be found on our website. Tiny tots participate in a number of gross motor activities as well as a track sprint and modified long jump. These activities are designed to prepare them for Under 6’s. Under 6’s do long jump, shot put, 50m & 70m sprints a 300m pack start.

Under 7’s do long jump, shot put, discus, 70m, 100m & 200m sprints and a 500m pack start.

Under 8’s are as per the U7’s but they also do a 400m run, 700m pack start and 60m hurdles.

Under 9’s are as per the U8’s but they also do high jump, a 800m run and 700m walk.

Under 10’s are as per the U9’s but the walk is 1100m, they do a 1500m run.

Under 11’s are as per the U10’s with the addition of triple jump and turbo jav.

Under 12’s are as per U11’s except that turbo jav is replaced by javelin and the walk increases to 1500m.

Under 13’s to Under 14’s are as per the U12’s with the addition of the 200m hurdles
Under 15′ and 17 now run a 300m Hurdles.

Check out the Info Book

2016-17 Information Book

Do children need to wear a uniform?

Yes, all registered athletes must wear an approved centre uniform when competing in Little Athletics competitions. Kings Langley Little A’s uniforms are available from the Uniform Shop on a Friday evening or when picking up your registration pack.  The uniform consists of singlet/crop top, and shorts/briefs/bike pants.

When do the children compete?

Our centre runs on a Friday evening. We start at 6.30pm for all age groups, with walk events starting at 6:15pm. Age groups will finish at different times during the evening. Finish time is determined by a number of factors including the number of events that they participate in, the size of the age group, the number of parent helpers that an Age Manager has assisting them.

Tiny tots finish at 8:00pm.

Can I just drop off my child?

No, we are not a baby-sitting service. We expect that a parent or other responsible adult stays at the ground. If you can’t stay it is your responsibility to ensure that your child’s age manager is notified of the adult who is responsible for your child while you are not there.

What is expected of parents?

Because Little Athletics is a totally voluntary organisation, Kings Langley Little A’s cannot operate without the assistance of parents each week in fulfilling the many and varied duties required. We have a roster which has each age group allocated to a task every third week. This includes set up, pack up, BBQ and Canteen. The task will be the same for the entire season.

We also include assistance in running our Friday evening competitions. These include officiating at an event; managing an age group or assisting with an age group; or recording results.

If your child is selected to compete at a Championship event parents will be rostered on to one of the duties that has been allocated to our Centre.

Additional assistance is always required on our committees and all parents are encouraged to become involved.  Little Athletics is one of the few sports where parents can become fully involved in their child’s sporting interests.

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