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Just a friendly reminder that for Kings Langley Little A’s to run the events every week, We must have volunteers to help out.

Every Age group needs 3-4 people to help run each of the events in addition to the age manager ( who is also a volunteer), so do not wait to be asked, Just step up and what needs to be done.

Also we Must have people to Run the center. There are many ways to help out and get involved and it really is easy.
Some of the roles we must have every friday are
Starters – learn how to start each of our races
Timers and operators – We use electronic timing system and we have to have people to operate it

BBQ and Canteen. Not only roles on the track but behind the scenes too. The canteen and BBQ are run to hep raise money to provide awards and the end of season presentation day, and to raise money to purchase essential equipment for the children to use in competing. Help us help you by offering to run our BBQ and canteen

Grounds people – Blacktown council do not mark and mow the fields, We do and they must be done every week thru the season. Do you have a few hours to give to help the grounds team out?

Set up and Pack up – Friday nights we must set out the equipment to run the events. Come along and help get the gear out and if you can, stay back and help out it away at the end of the night.

See one of the committee members, and let us know how you can help out in the running of YOUR Centre

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