LANSW have merged the Officials Accreditation scheme, with that of Athletics Australia and is now a common scheme across all athletics organizations here

To become accredited, means that you are ensured to know the rules of our sport and you can then help your own children, and those of you age groups to become better athletes in all disciplines.

The new base level allows you to officiate at our zone carnival and give back to the sport and the centre. It is a relatively simple online course and test, which will then give you the basis to improve our level of competition every week.

Please see this link to get you started and please let Kings Langley committee know when you do the courses and exam so we can chase up any certificates

Athletics Australia Accreditation scheme

Kings Langley  would like to encourage all Parents to become accredited in your chosen events, and for Centre level and Zone officiating, then you only need to obtain the Level 1 Certificate.