Recognizing Athletes with 10 years of continual competition

The Andrea Hendley Shield is awarded to  our athletes that have competed with us for 10 consecutive years . The Award was inaugurated by Andrea Hendley on the occasion of Erika Hendley achieving this outstanding milestone.

The award recognizes this significant achievement, and shows the commitment of these athletes over most of their young lives.

Erika Hendley2007
Natalie Hendley2008
Ashlee Tait2009
Natalie Apikotoa2010
Brooke Hojel2010
Sajneet Pooni2010
Simone Reynolds2011
Dana Polverino2011
Cliantha Tanea2011
Corrina Moore2010
Ashley Fernandez2013
Timothy Godbee2013
Madison Lipmann2013
Natalie Poole2013
Ben Tait2013
Chelsea Gasson2014
Christopher Godbee2014
Hannah Nicholls2014
Shivon Nolland2014
Aimee O'brien2014
Ashley Patrech2014
Tyson Smith2014
Semira Tanea2014
Chiara Sanday2015
Niamh Sanday2015
Jayden Cavanagh2015
Samuel O'Connor2015