Who are age managers and what they do

Age Managers run our Friday Night competitions and they will organise the event and call upon 3 or 4 parents to assist. If the Age Manager has already arranged assistants for the day please make yourself available for other activities.

The Age Managers are your first point of call when you have questions. If they are not able to assist they will help contact a committee member. The Age Manager will also forward information to you each week regarding up coming events and important dates.

Age GroupAge Manager
Tiny Tots
Under 6 BoysMat Edsall
Under 6 GirlsAnnaliese Zec
Under 7 BoysBen Newsome
Under 7 GirlsRoula Wilson
Under 8 BoysBronwyn Saunders
Assisted by Melisha Buchannan
& Joanne Murray
Under 8 GirlsNatalie Poole
Under 9 BoysDoug Jack
Under 9 GirlsSusie Harris
Under 10 BoysMelissa Hayes
Sam Mahoney
Under 10 GirlsNathan Robson
Jessica Robson
Under 11 BoysJeff Duncum
Under 11 GirlsDaniel Giffney
Under 12 BoysTeresa Green
Under 12 GirlsAbbie Stone
Under 13 CombinedNerida Duncum
Under 14 CombinedJules Stone
Under 15 CombinedMyles Baptiste
Under 17 CombinedJanine Jargo

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