Kings Langley Little Athletics Centre is catering to athletes in and around Kings Langley, NSW. We are affiliated to Little Athletics Australia who has developed a uniquely Australian modified athletics program for children from 5 to 16 years – with around 100,000 Little Athletes participating at almost 500 centres across the country.

Our Centre Competes on a Friday night, from the second week in September to the second week in March. Our competitions commence at 6:15 PM for the walks events and the general competition start at 6:30 PM for all other events.
Our night usually finishes from 7:30 – 8:00 for the younger age groups, with the older children finishing their events by about 9:00 PM.

Each age group is managed by an “Age Manager” who is usually a parent of one of the Children and will control the running of the Age group and will usually run the events withthe assistance of 3- 4 other parents.
All parents need to become involved with conducting the events as most of the events require 4 – 5 people to efficiently run them for the children.
It is not hard and the children enjoy seeing their parents involved and helping out.

Many of our parents go in to become Officials or committee members so if you think you might be able to help. let one of the officials kown and we can help you out.

Little A’s, as it is affectionately referred to by those who enjoy it, is not really about winning, but about having fun, making friends and getting families involved in healthy activities. The emphasis is placed on participation and personal improvement. It is little surprise then, that the motto of Little Athletics is: “Family, Fun and Fitness“.

Little Athletics recognises that children vary widely in shape, size and athletic ability, and is thus one of few sports that successfully caters for them all.

Each year across NSW, approximately 40,000 boys and girls enjoy the activities that Little Athletics has to offer.


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